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John, Paul, George, Ringo and Will

The Beatles are now no less seminal than Shakespeare in English culture, and it was interesting to hear on the radio that someone has busied themselves setting Shakespeare’s sonnets to The Beatles’ music.  Can’t find any links, but it made me wonder whether Wordle Word Clouds could bring out any synergies between The Beatles and […]

Muchas acetatas

More acetates on Ebay, this time US 10 inch acetates from c. 1971-1972 of Lennon’s Power To The People, McCartney’s Another Day and Oh Woman Oh Why (one acetate for each side of Paul’s 1971 single), and Ringo’s 1972 glam-rock offering, Back Off Boogaloo. The seller claims the discs are 78 RPM: can that really […]

Armour of Rod

Just too quiet here lately, so it’s nice to know, through the amazing power of the pingback, or somesuch, that “Dear Angie” is also favoured by Armour of Rod. Cheers, Rod! There may have been a bit of confusion with Dear Angie over time, since I moved it from to here. Though all of […]